An independent and committed brand.

All Anne Millois’ products are manufactured in her own laboratory to control and guarantee the unique formulation as well as the origin of the ingredients and the quality of the products. Manufacturing is never subcontracted. We are proud to announce her brand was awarded the “Artisans Innovators 2019” . A Prize in the “Manufacturing Process” category.

“Organic otherwise” Anne Millois’ products use ingredients that all come from organic farming (French labels). The manufacturing process of the products and the origin of the ingredients even exceed the requirements of the Organic Charter.

The origin of the ingredients

The high quality and pure properties of the original ingredients is required. All the ingredients are 100% natural or organic and are very carefully selected. They come from local producers, mostly artisans working in fair trade, themselves selected with the greatest care. Anne Millois’ products gratify the skin with precious natural oils and pure, unprocessed ingredients.

Natural ingredients from organic farming

The skin breathes and the utmost attention must be given to it. It is the largest organ of the body and forms a protective barrier against the outside environment. If the skin is attacked, the whole body suffers from this imbalance. Anne Millois’ skin care products are formulated with 100% natural ingredients from organic farming. Parabens, silicones, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, pesticides, etc., all these irritants are banned to guarantee perfect tolerance, even for the most delicate skin.

Technical expertise and active formulations for “haute couture” cosmetics.

Each component is efficient. The brand has created formulas recognized for their perfect bio-compatibility and effectiveness. The percentage of active ingredients is considerably high in the different formulations, each complementing and reinforcing the action of the other. No filling ingredients are used in the combinations. Concentrated on the essentials, the purity of the range allows the skin to regain its balance with no other artifice than naturalness.

Exceptional synergies

The textures are creamy, light and reassuringly authentic. They penetrate the skin rapidly like a protective and nourishing veil. The natural ingredients are in perfect harmony with the deep nature of the skin. All Anne Millois’ products are rigorously laboratory tested and, in keeping with the spirit of the brand, they are not tested on animals.


Touch and feeling remain the most reliable sensory tools. The entire range is manufactured and packaged by hand, on a small scale, to guarantee the freshness of the products. The brand’s laboratory is subject to the strictest hygiene standards. Jars and bottles are filled individually, in small batches, to maintain absolute efficiency and quality. This production system fights against waste and overproduction and enables the product to be controlled from formulation to marketing.

Respect for the environment

The eco-responsible approach applies to all the stages of every product’s life cycle: from the selection of raw ingredients to their recycling. This desire to reduce its impact on the planet commits the brand to using the strict minimum in terms of packaging. Simplicity and transparency are paramount.